All Saints Margaret Street

Music at All Saints Margaret Street

All Saints ChoirMusic plays an integral part in worship at All Saints, just as it has done within worship since the earliest centuries of the Christian church.

The principal musical services are High Mass, on Sundays at 11am, and on Holy Days during the week at 6.30pm, while Choral Evensong and Benediction are sung every Sunday evening at 6pm.

We welcome all to join us in our choral worship and enjoy the rich tradition of music at All Saints in the presence of God.

Music list

Sunday 27th May 2018

11:00 am High Mass HIGH MASS - Trinity Sunday
Introit Benedictus sit Deus Pater
Mass setting Missa Bell' Amfitrit' altera - Lassus
Anthem Hymn of the Cherubim - Rachmaninov
Organ Voluntary Prelude in E flat, BWV 552 (i)—Bach

Thursday 31st May 2018

6:30 pm High Mass CORPUS CHRISTI - High Mass and Outdoor Procession of the Blessed Sacrament 6.30pm
Mass setting Orgelsolomesse K 259 - Mozart
Anthem O sacrum convivium—Messiaen
Organ Voluntary Festal March - Elvey

Sunday 3rd June 2018

11:00 am High Mass High Mass - 1st after Trinity
Introit Respice in me, et miserere mei
Mass setting Missa Princeps Pacis – W. Lloyd Webber
Anthem Ave Maria – Saint-Saëns
Organ Voluntary Final, Symphonie II, Op. 13 - Widor

6:00 pm Evensong & Benediction
Anthem Zadok the Priest - Handel
Canticles Setting in G minor – Francis Jackson
Solemn Benediction
O Salutaris Hartmann
Tantum Ergo Vierne
Organ Voluntary A Song of Sunshine - Hollins

Sunday 10th June 2018

11:00 am High Mass High Mass - 2nd after Trinity
Introit Dominus illuminatio mea
Mass setting Cantus Missae, Op.109 - Rheinberger
Anthem O hearken thou - Elgar
Organ Voluntary Intermezzo (Symphonie no 6) - Widor

6:00 pm Evensong & Benediction
Canticles Setting in A flat - Harwood
Solemn Benediction
O Salutaris Stainer arr. Paul Brough
Tantum Ergo Beethoven arr. Stainer/Brough
Organ Voluntary 'Christe, Redemptor omnium' - Parry

Sunday 17th June 2018

11:00 am High Mass High Mass - 3rd after Trinity
Introit Exaudi, Dominus...adiutor
Mass setting Missa Brevis - A. Gabrieli
Anthem Exsultate Deo - Palestrina
Organ Voluntary Toccata no.6 (Toccata sesta) 1627 - Frescobaldi

6:00 pm Evensong & Benediction
Anthem I was glad - Purcell
Canticles Setting in G minor - Purcell
Solemn Benediction
O Salutaris Anerio
Tantum Ergo Asola
Organ Voluntary Voluntary for double organ - Purcell

Sunday 24th June 2018

11:00 am High Mass High Mass - Birth of St John the Baptist
Introit Fuat homo missus a Deo
Mass setting Missa Brevis in F (Jugendmesse) - Haydn
Anthem This is the record of John – Gibbons
Organ Voluntary Praeludium in G minor—Lubeck

6:00 pm Evensong & Benediction
Anthem Vox dicentis: clama - Naylor
Canticles The Jesus Service - Mathias
Solemn Benediction
O Salutaris Gounod
Tantum Ergo Duruflé
Organ Voluntary Andante (Sonata No.1 Op.5) Harwood